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REAL/Easy Management Software is a leading software developer for real estate brokerage companies. Our goal is to help you run a smarter company.


To help you learn we offer training to anyone in your company. Our multiple training methods allow owners, managers, and staff to quickly benefit from the software.

We Offer The BOS (Back Office System)

REAL/Easy Management Software is developer and service company that focuses on real estate back office operations.  Having been in business for more than 30 years, we provide assistance with the day-to-day operation, performance management at all levels, and planning for the future - all through our back office system, BOS.

Your Most Important Software Investment

Because an owner relies on BOS to process the business efficiently and provide information on what and who is providing profit (and not), it is a most important software investment. While agents, internet systems, marketing programs, come and go, BOS remains to help owners and managers compete, grow, and be profitable.  In fact, the BOS program can help owners analyze the value of agents, internet systems, and marketing programs as they are adjusted and changed to keep the company successful.

What does BOS do and How?

The purpose of BOS is to help you run a smarter company.

First, BOS helps you organize key company resource information in one smart central program.  With BOS you maintain key information about your company and all resources including branches, staff, sales agents, clients, and outside companies/vendors that you do business with.

Second, use BOS to record and process the business your resources generate. This can include listing agreements, buyer representation contracts, referrals - inbound and outbound, accepted and backup offers, and, of course, closings. Doing all of this BOS is smart because the resource information is readily available to help your staff efficiently assign and track who is doing what. BOS helps your staff efficiently process the business by providing the programs necessary to store all personnel and staff HR and commission plan information, calculate commission splits, print checks or send direct deposits, maintain all agent account, contract agreement, referral, and closing details including commissions, demographics, broker held trust, notes, documents, and service and coordination tasks.

Third, BOS helps you step back and analyze what is helping the business and what is not. The smart BOS capability of treating each sales associate as a "profit" center is key to helping you do this. Branches are also treated as profit centers as transaction revenue (and expense) can be allocated to unlimited branches and agents within the transaction. With these capabilities in the hands of your staff and the availability of many operating and analysis programs, owners and managers can quickly learn who and what is successful or needs help and change.

Fourth, BOS helps your data sharing "smartness" by offering the ability to pull information such as listings and offers from online/internet systems. Further, if you are using a commercial / third party accounting system (e.g. QuickBooks, Sage, Dynamics, PeachTree, any other) and not BOS's financial AP and GL system, BOS can share accounting data with them. BOS's pulling from internet and sending to accounting are beneficial not only because it eliminates data entry, but more important, it's OK if you would switch over to a superior online/internet program and/or accounting program because BOS can interface and share with anyone.


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